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The Dos and Don'ts of Online Marketing

Posted by Anna Busby on Jun 2, 2015 9:35:36 AM

Online marketing is all about catching your ideal customers at the opportune time and place. In today's marketing world, that place is more than often online, so here's a few dos and don'ts for making better online marketing decisions.


There Is No Me in Social Media: Okay, so maybe there is, but hear me out.

Don't harass your follower’s timeline with tedious promotions and irrelevant information. Think of social media as a face-to-face conversation. Would you be non-stop rambling about yourself? No, the conversation would hopefully allow for other parties to have input, and you would be speaking on things of mutual interest.

Do respond! Be vigilant in your platform monitoring, even take the effort to reach followers by responding to their posts about something relevant to your business! Be sure to personalize responses, an automatic uniform response will be identified by your followers quickly.

Blog Like There is No Tomorrow

Don’t make your blogs all about your business and what it can offer the reader. Start a dialouge and build trust before trying to make a sale! That's what blogging is all about. 

Do make your content relevant and helpful to your buyers. It is important to speak in a language your audience communicates in and can relate to. Also, be sure your keywords and calls to action are be relevant for search engine optimization

Take Some Windex to that Website

Don’t make the mistake of trying to give all the information you could possibly give to the audience on your website or landing page. Remember to make your content to the point, with relvant offers that would provide benefits to the visiter. A clean page also makes for easier navigation and helps you make better marketing decisions. 

Do use visual content! Rather than paragraphs of written content, a short video can offer a less intimidating and more creative way of communicating important information about your company. Plus, videos show off your company personality much more effectively. 

Lick The Seal on Your Emails

Don’t keep a long email list of any and all email addresses you could get your hands on. Though having a larger list may seem better, odds are some of those recipients are not interested, or the ideal customer. Harassing with email is also not conducive to your brand.

Do individualize your content! Having uniform emails and responses will come across as cold and inconsiderate. Not to mention, an email sent by a real person's email address, rather than the company's, can greatly increase open rates. Send relevant emails to specific groups of people in your email list and you see a much more positive response.

Pay Close, Close Attention

Don’t change everything at once. You want to be able to identify exactly what changes made improvements. Whether it be on your website, social, email or blog posts, make one change at a time and evaluate the results. 

Do analyze anything and everything, every step of the way! You can’t identify what marketing decisions are effective, or could be made more effective, unless you are tracking your progress with every move.

It's time you become a part of the conversation. Get started with these tips for social media, blogging, websites, and email to help you down the path to a more optimized business plan! 

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