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The Future of Higher Education Trends

Posted by Haley Haas on Sep 17, 2014 9:26:14 AM

It’s no secret that online classes are staring to become more prevalent in higher education, leaving the future of traditional higher educational learning a little hazy. With improvements in technology and ever-changing social trends, universities are adapting a more tech-friendly way of teaching. But what does this shift toward online learning mean for the future of colleges and universities?


Though colleges will never fully disappear, some believe that with online learning taking over education higher-ed will forever be changed. And they are right! Colleges are starting to follow higher education trends that have been appearing over the past few years to keep up with the changing demographics of their students.

What does this really mean?

With college tuition on the rise, universities and students are looking for ways to save money. The use of digital books or eBooks has proven to be very popular, and they are a cheaper alternative to hardback textbooks. Online courses at some colleges and community colleges have been offered at a lower price than traditional lecture classes. Most importantly, students are starting to prefer online classes because it allows them more freedom for learning.

Integration of the new tech-reliant learning and traditional ways of learning will create a very positive future for higher education. The key in making this successful is figuring out the perfect balance of the two, for the individual college.

So, don’t fear what is going to happen next in higher education, embrace it!

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