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The Future of Student Loan Debt in America

Posted by VPM Guest Blogger on Sep 8, 2014 9:08:30 AM

It’s hard to have the American dream these days without the American university experience. The structure of modern society makes it nearly impossible to get hired on a decent salary without a college education, and these days, employers are now expecting some sort of graduate degree as well. But with the cost of tuition rising 500 percent higher than it was in 1985, going to college has become a growing concern for many Americans.

American universities are scrambling to accommodate to the demands of incoming students. With college costs skyrocketing, students are beginning to question just how worthwhile college is. Many have found that it’s less about the classes than the actual networking bubble itself, which provides jobs in the long run.

The options for those without trust funds or penny-saving parents? Student loans, scholarships, or no college. The majority of students are forced to take out student loans, and the mountain of debt is starting to weigh down on Washington’s shoulders.

Resultantly, President Obama has just limited the loan payments to 10% of the student’s income. But what happens when the time – or money – runs out? The situation is nothing short of serious. The infographic below explains more about what’s going on:



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