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The Numbers Game: Attracting Students through Social Media

Posted by Nikki Butler on Nov 7, 2017 12:00:00 AM



In the digital age students no longer rely on emails, brochures and school websites for information and guidance on what universities have to offer. What do they look at? Social media. Social media platforms deliver them fast and efficient information in real time. Students are ALWAYS on social media, so why not market and promote your establishment on a platform that they know, trust and use multiple times a day? Using social to promote is also much more cost efficient than traditional types of marketing like brochures and magazines. Sounds like a win-win doesn't it? Here are some tips on attracting students through social media.  

Insider View 

Would you want to attend a school that you had never seen? Some perspective students are not able to go on campus tours across the country before attending and videos are able to showcase what the school is like and what it has to offer. Videos and photos allow students to see what it really looks like to be a student and behind the scenes that a lot of people do not get to see. Promote a great "about me" video of the school to show what your school is about. 


Be Creative 

Don't be afraid to show school spirit. Show some personality! No one wants to attend a university that does not have any creative spirit. Posting updates is needed to keep current students aware of what is going on but, that is not the only content you need to push out. You can post pictures and videos of different events. Educational workshops and any other student oriented events are great content to post to attract and inform prospective students.  Live tweets, updates and using the live stream options available on almost any platforms are ways to set your establishment apart from the many other schools out there like yours. Also, allowing current students to post on social platforms in a "day in the life" theme helps to give it a more personal experience.

Be engaging 

If you are talking to prospective students in technical or scientific terms, they may not be able to understand it. Speak to students in a language they can understand. Keep students engaged by posting daily and interacting with them. If they ask the school a question through social media, answer the question or at least direct them to the person who will be able to answer it. Follow prospectives back on social, it shows that you are interested in the development of their educational journey. Last but not least, add VALUE. What can you offer them? How can you help them? These are the questions that are running through prospectives students minds. Attending college will be one of the scariest things that they have encountered thus far. Help ease their mind and show what you have to offer. 

These tips will help you build a succesful prospective student campaign and start attracting top notch students. A successful social campaign is when students receive all the information and are able to build a connection with the school. If you need a reminder on how to take an inbound approach to higher ed, check out our blog on the Inbound Approach to Higher Ed.

Are you ready to move your outbound marketing to inbound? Download our free checklist to help you launch the remarkable campaign that will land you amazing students!  

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