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The Power and Influence of Visual Media

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jun 2, 2016 9:04:00 AM

Visual media is becoming one of the most prevalent sources for information and entertainement. People are now relying on visual media when it comes to receiving news, entertaining themselves, and even expressing themselves.Videos are everywhere now. People are more likely to watch how- to videos than read instructions. The power to influence others via visual media has changed the way in which we use technology. 


Cell Phones

Wherever we go, we have access to videos. We have applications on our mobile device that allows us to watch our favorite shows or sporting events. People are apt to believe the things that they see. If you can see it, then it must be real or true. This has allowed companies to manipulate this perspective and influence the minds of viewers while they are on the go.

Social Media

This is another platform that has allowed visual media to grow exponentially. Social Media has been taken over by the flow of videos engulfing the user's timeline. There are various types of videos and pictures surfacing on the internet. There may be a video on your newsfeed/timeline about how to make a delicious alfredo in 30 minutes. Once you watch the video, you may now want to make that same meal. The visual appeal has now influenced you to do something. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are being influenced by what you see.

Streaming and Television

 The power and influence of visual media will continue to grow. Business's who are in charge of relaying information via television or streaming services are able to air what they like. They are able to twist and manipulate messages shown to the viewers. There are a plethora of stories that news stations choose not to air. If viewers cannot see that something is happening, we do not believe that it exists. 

Business owners who are in control of visual media platforms are in a powerful position. We look to television, streaming services, social media, and videos to let us know what is hapening around us. This is one huge reason why newspaper sales are starting to decline rapidly. Power has started to become digital. 

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