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The Prime Time for Higher Ed Marketing

Posted by Rachael Gamlin on Dec 1, 2014 3:30:00 PM

the_prime_time_for_higher_ed_marketing Christmas. Just the word brings to mind images of mistletoe, stockings and creepy snowmen decorations. And for those that work at or attend a higher education institution, it’s a time to veg out, bundle up in a Snuggie and watch Elf. But don’t get too comfortable, because it’s also the prime time to kick your university’s higher ed marketing into gear.

For high school seniors, Christmas break is their time to finish putting the final touches on their college applications and to start making decisions about which school they want to attend. It’ll be during this lull in their school work that they start intensely researching potential universities to help guide their decision. This investigation will include a deep probing of all social media platforms of the schools they are considering. If yours is severely lacking, you could very well fall behind in their rankings.

You should be creating higher ed social media content that targets exactly what potential students are looking for in schools. By writing articles that make it easy to see how intelligent and service-oriented current students are, how beautiful your campus is and how much money students could receive through scholarships, you’ll definitely encourage potential students to put you at the top of their list. Here are some article ideas:

  • Different spotlights on students who are involved in community service activities.

  • A photo slideshow of your campus during different seasons, including photos of student events that occurred.

  • A list of the different scholarships that each department offers to freshmen with a section on external scholarships that students have been known to receive.

When you’re trying to appeal to high school students, there’s always an element you must take into consideration. Parents. Once you’ve caught the attention of the student, your job is far from over, because unless you have the seal of approval from the heads of the household, recruiting students will be much more difficult. Your content must be aimed at parents as well.

Three things to focus on when writing for parents are 1) Tuition 2) Safety and 3) Academics.

Articles discussing how to pay for college, the safety measures your school takes and the types of available tutoring and supplementary academic programs are just a few of the options to write about.

It is also important to engage high school teachers with your online media content. They are your ticket into high school classrooms and can encourage students to look into particular schools. In the same fashion, they can steer students away from certain universities if they have an unfavorable opinion of the school. These teachers, just like their students, will also be on break and will have free time to click on links they see on social media. If you tailor some of this content to teachers, it could pay off significantly when applications are being turned in and reviewed.

Christmas break is a time to relax and enjoy family, but before you take those couple of weeks off, be sure you have great content lined up, because students with free time will turn straight to social media, especially that of potential universities and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Once you get that great higher ed social media content lined up, reach out to us here at Verge Pipe Media and learn more about how a higher ed inbound marketing agency can help you reach more of your online and social media goals.

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