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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Facebook Marketing

Posted by Chelsea Phillips on Mar 27, 2015 9:38:00 AM


With social media basically ruling the world, there are a few ways to rule your social media. The average social media user spend a minimum of 40 minutes on social media, and smartphone users check their Facebook app more than 14 times per day. No need to fear, Verge Pipe Media is here with eight tips on ways use Facebook as the ultimate cheat sheet on how to win in the world of social media marketing.

  1. Post to Facebook at non-posting hours. This is to assure that of your at least 1,000 friends or followers, your post is seen at the top of the feed. Non-posting hours are considered early morning and late in the evening.
  2. Post frequently to stay relevant. Who will remember someone who posts once a month? If nothing else, posting twice a day will get you recognized by followers and likers.
  3. Post links. People are quick to get news, why not let your page be the source of news. Links from your page will cause more people to share and bring more traffic to your posts.
  4. Use hashtags sparingly. A hashtag allows you to connect to other people talking about the same thing, and vice versa. It also allows you to promote a particular campaign of interest. This way, when people click on the hashtag, they are able to see posts from others talking about the same campaign.
  5. Keep your posts short. With posts on other sites getting shorter and shorter (i.e. Twitter’s 140 character count), attention spans regarding social media posts are shorter. Be sure that you are concise!
  6. Make your posts interesting. The content should be appealing to your followers and likers, so much that they are interested in sharing your posts with their Facebook friends.
  7. Use images. An interesting image can engage a reader more quickly than an interesting post with no image.
  8. Ask questions. Facebook users love to have their voices heard. Asking non rhetorical questions will engage your audience, generating them to share your post with their Facebook friends, ultimately creating more followers to your page.

With these quick tips on how to make your Facebook the most marketable, we are sure that you will succeed in the world of social media. For more on how to make your marketing more lovable, click the link below.


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photo credit: Facebook Application Icon for Fluid via photopin (license)

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