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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Inbound Marketing

Posted by Courtney Kennedy on Mar 9, 2015, 9:57:03 AM


Attract, convert, close, uses these four words to sum up the art of inbound marketing, the most efficient way to gain new customers and promote your business or help you achieve yoru goals in higher ed inbound marketing. 

Attract: This first phase of inbound marketing is where you will grab the customers' attention and get them hooked on your product. Most likely, people in this phase will not be familiar with your company. This is the step that involves using the best keywords in your blog to promote search engine optimization, so when consumers search, you can be sure they are finding you. Another big part of this step is using your website and social media to post content that is easy to find, and interesting to read.

Convert: Once they are interested, "convert" is the stage where the customers will become aware of the purpose of your company and will start to make the decision if they are interested or not. You'll use this phase to get their contact information, most importanty, their e-mail address. Using their information, you will be able to contact them and send them more information that will hopefully convince them further of your company! On your website, you will need to insert calls-to-action on your site that when clicked on, will take interested consumers to a landing page. Once on the landing page, he or she will be able to receive a sample of something from your work and give their contact information.

Close: Congratulations! You have attracted interested visitors and have gotten some leads. This is the step where you will start implementing CRM (customer relationship managment). Checking in and following up with your leads is key, and since you have gathered some information on them, you can use what you know about them to "close" the deal. (Wink, wink...get it?) This is also a good section to use e-mailing or calling to talk personally with them. Gaining their trust will motivate them to make the plunge and buy.

Delight: Delight is all about maintaining your relationships with your now-customers and keeping them coming back for more. You have gotten them to close the deal, so at this point you just need to make sure they are happy with what they are buying so they can tell their friends and bring you even more customers! This section involves surveying the consumer to find out what they like and do not like, listening to their desires and opinions, and delivering the finished product that you have promised them!

Remembering these four simple words as a, "cheat sheet" guide to inbound marketing will keep your marketing calm, cool and collected. You will start attracting customers that will be converted into life-long consumers in no time! If you think you already have this down pat, click the link below to download our free marketing evaluation and we will let you know how on-track you really are!


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