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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About College Events

Posted by MiKyle Crockett on Feb 25, 2015 11:02:06 AM

If someone gave your university the marketing advice to just “Party like it is 1999,” you would probably think that was the worst advice you have ever heard. But wait, they just might be on to something. When developing college events, it can actually be detrimental to stick to a schedule, have 24/7 updates and use social media to gauge the interest of events. If these ideas sound like advice you would actually give to be successful, keep reading to find out why they just might be the worst advice ever.


As a person who has a planner for my planner, I am all about planning ahead and being on schedule. Having your ducks in a row will always pay off when it comes to large university events, but being stuck to a schedule will not. It is vital to have flexibility when running large college events. I suggest having a “weather plan” in place to give you a back-up plan for your back-up plans. This plan will also give you the flexibility to change different factors throughout the event, if necessary, and still have things run smoothly on the front end of things.

Making sure everything runs smoothly on the front end during a college event is only half of the success. In a generation of instant updates, our fingers crave more and more updates and a faster gain of information. Having 24/7 updates may sound great to the guests of your events, but for behind the scene, it may only spur chaos. When you update everyone, you often lead to stressing people out about a problem that they have no solution to. Being able to work on your feet and have a key solution solving team is a more efficient way to handle situations.

As a result of being in a generation that craves instant results, a majority of prospective students and event attendee’s time is used on social media. Social media is a great way to capture peoples attention, but do not get your hopes up from it. Often times, students will click “attending” just to make the notification go away. Other times, they will not respond at all. Basing your RSVP list off of these clicks will sway your numbers greatly and possibly set yourself up for disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, college events are a great way to market your university and can be done extremely well. Do not be scared by the DON’TS, instead be inspired by their lessons and DO – be flexible, have a key solution solving team and use other RSVP tactics outside of social media. With these tips you are sure to create loveable marketing and rock your next event!

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