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Top 3 Universities Crushing Snapchat

Posted by Ally Arthur on Apr 26, 2017, 9:00:00 AM

Contrary to popular belief, Snapchat is not just a passing millennial trend. In fact, Snapchat offers a unique way to reach any targeted audience- higher education included. Many professionals in higher education are scared of using snapchat because it is hard to establish oneself as a strong social media presence on the platform, but many still want to reap the benefits. Snapchat offers higher ed the opportunity to not only engage with current students, but attract prospective students, and connect with alumni as well as community itself. While many institutions are scared of using Snapchat, here are three that are not only using Snapchat but crushing it.

1*lRrB4_Sh-nM56pWr8bnSMg.jpegWe start off our definitive list of the top three colleges crushing the snapchat game with the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan recently celebrated their one year anniversary on snapchat with astonishing results. Using Snapchat to promote different contests and interactive events, covering campus events in real time, and running different campaigns has allowed them to attract over 5,000 followers and receive over 20 snapchats daily. Their campaigns range from t-shirt giveaways to answering current and prospective students' questions on their story, allowing them to attain high engagement early on. The University of Michigan has been generating success among current and prospective students on Snapchat by creating a desire for students to be "friends" on Snapchat with the school.
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Next up is Colorado State, taking a different approach by having seven snapchat accounts. They provide social media directory links to each of their accounts which include Football, Sustainability Center, Village, and Collegian to name a few. CSU gets students to promote the university by engaging in generated content, such as a #stateofsummer hashtag contest where students could submit pictures to be eligible for a prize. Furthermore, the university has used their success on Snapchat to teach other higher education institutions about what to post and what to refrain from posting on snapchat, in a "Snap this, Not that" post that can be found here

We finish off our list with Eastern Kentucky University's unique integration of Snapchat into their marketing strategy. The Colonel's use their Snapchat as a means to let prospective students know they have been accepted to attend the university. This gives their Snapchat account a more personal touch and in turn has led to one-third of students screenshotting and sharing this socially. Eastern Kentucky University goes even further by holding "Snapchat Takeovers" where prominent university staff gives students the opportunity to walk in their shoes. Noteworthy Snapchat takeovers have included the university's President, Dr. Steve Benson, whose first Snapchat engagement resulted in 80 new followers in just a few hours, with each individual snap receiving over 800 views.

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These three colleges recognize the importance of student marketing via Snapchat and have grown their Snapchat presence to further engage with both current and prospective students. They reach more of their targeted demographic, as Snapchat has such a wide reach with over 26 million users worldwide. The University of Michigan, Colorado State, and Eastern Kentucky have paved the way in moving away from the fear associated with Snapchat in higher education by  providing valuable content to their students that is unique to their school. So fear not higher ed, and start promoting all that your university has to offer on Snapchat today!

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