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Top 5 Must-Have Apps for College Students

Posted by Caroline Daley on Oct 31, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Recently we mentioned how convenience has changed the student experience through the use of apps and other technology. Students don't just want a convenient college experience, they expect it. The right apps can make college students' lives much easier and more convenient, so it's important to be aware of the helpful resources that are available to you. As a senior, I've used my fair share of apps during my college career, and I would like to think that I've narrowed down the apps that are worthy of taking up precious storage on your phone. So here are our picks for the top 5 must-have apps for college students:


  1. Quizlet - Quizlet is an app that students can use to make studying easier. Students can create study sets for classes that can be practiced as flashcards or used in fun study games. Quizlet not only allows students to make their own sets, but allows them to search for study sets that have been previously made by other users. There have been countless times when I've searched my classes on quizlet and found sets made by past students that saved me a great deal of time and stress. According to Quizlet, greater than 95% of students who study using the app improved their grades. I like those numbers, don't you?
  2. Venmo - Venmo only made its way onto the college scene in the past few years but is quickly becoming one of the most helpful apps on the market. Venmo allows people to transfer money through the app by linking a debit card or bank account. Now, you might be thinking, "That seems a bit sketchy." I thought the same thing when I first learned about the app, but I can assure you it's safe. The app is great for splitting bills, paying back friends, and transferring funds. Have you ever been at lunch with friends and the restaraunt didn't split the bill? Venmo is perfect for situations like this, and is especially helpful for those of us who don't carry cash at all times.
  3. Chegg - Chegg is an online service that allows students to rent, buy, and sell textbooks as well as offering course help and scholarship opportunities. We already pay a small fortune to attend college and nobody wants to drop another small fortune on textbooks that may or may not be used. Renting textbooks online using apps like Chegg is a great way to save money on your books so you can spend it on more important things like pizza. Trust me, your wallet (and your parents) will thank you.
  4. Groupme - Groupme is one of those apps that makes you question, "What did people do before this?" Groupme is a group messaging app that allows you to connect and communicate with others via groups within the app. The app is free, works on every device, and even operates over SMS. It's perfect for creating groups for specific classes, group projects, or just with friend.
  5. Your School's App - Your own school's app is definitely one of the most important apps that you will have as a college student. Your specific college or university's app gives you access to extremely useful information such as dining hours and campus maps, as well as grades and assignments. Having your school's information at your fingertips is crucial, especially as a freshman navigating campus life.

There are apps for just about everything these days, including a plethora of apps to make the lives of college students easier and more convenient. Whether you're studying a foreign language or splitting the cost of an extra large pizza, there's an app to help you. We've grown up in an era of amazing technological advances, so make sure you take advantage of it!

Students aren't the only ones who should be taking advantage of the technology available - faculty and staff of higher ed institutions should be too! One crucial way to use technology to connect with students and parents is to make sure your deans have presence on social media. Learn more about how to do this by downloading our free whitepaper below!

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