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Top 5 Social Media Metrics That Matter

Posted by Anna Busby on Aug 6, 2015 10:04:38 AM

Social media has become one of the most important marketing tools used to encourage others to get involved in your story. Influence is the ability to initiate action, and to measure your influence you must evaluate your engagement with users through data interpretation. Vanity metrics can be misleading, only taking data like raw page views and likes alone into consideration can’t tell you much about how well your business is building relationships. Though shares, likes, follows and comments are all important individually, they tell you more about how influential you are when evaluated in relation to each other.

There are many different methods to the madness, but monitoring these specific areas of influence and data combinations can make the difference in your online presence: 


Inbound links

One of the first steps to increasing your SEO is having outside sources linking to your website. Actively checking link velocity to your website and blog posts will tell you where and when you should look to increase your presence. Social shares are a huge inbound linking opportunity, so discover what publishing and activity causes boosts in your inbound click rates. Pay close attention to shared content and tags to your pages across all social media platforms when tracking your inbound links. It may also be helpful to compare to other businesses. What do competitors do to boost their inbound links? You can track your links by looking at Traffic Sources in Google Analytics.

Klout score

Klout is an online influence gauge that gives you a score between 1-100. In case you were wondering President Obama has a 99, and Justin Bieber comes in at a 92. Their method uses data like followers or clicks from all of your social networks in an algorithm to give you a magic number, ranking how effective your online presence is in the grand scheme of things. Klout uses deeper indicators of engagement, and though the algorithm has received criticism for its imperfect and changing nature, the fact of the matter is social proofing matters. Having a decent Klout score can make you a reliable resource in the digital world, which means influencers are more likely to share your content.

Daily Facebook Stories

Don’t just track likes! Track a combination of activity on your posts to measure exactly how interested your followers are. See how often posts are liked and commented on by the same users. Measure tags to your page in posts or photos. The more a follower engages, the more likely your future posts are to show up in their timeline. Increasing the reach helps to create meaningful relationships with an ideal customer or influencer. You can find the Daily Story Feedback chart in the interaction category of the feedback page.

Blog Influence

Measuring the influence of your blog posts can be challenging. It is difficult to sift through the number and media platforms to find the data that matter. A few metrics you should track to measure your blog performance is similar to what you would measure when evaluating social platforms in general. Watch your leads, subscribers, inbound links, and social media shares. Taking actual engagement (like sharing and subscribing) into consideration will help to find what blog content is shared more frequently, and what social media platforms have a better blogging atmosphere for your topics.

Share of Voice

Being relevant in your field is an obvious need, but how do you know where your online presence stands against the competition? Measuring your brand’s share of voice can not only tell you how well you’re doing, but it can help you identify exactly where improvement could be made by comparing your presence to that of the business’ that have a superior share of voice. Next to your website, social media can make a huge difference in your share of voice in the digital world. Use a Share of Voice Report to see exactly where you stand. You can do this by using tools like Social Mention, Meltwater or ViralHeat to measure the number of time your company or product has been searched over 30 days. 

Different metrics can mean different things to different companies, so take carful consideration when evaluating your data. Think about all of the things this data can show you, and more often than not, various types of data will combine to give you meaningful feedback. Be an influencer; create meaningful content and measure with meaningful metrics.

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