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The Unwritten Rules of Instagram

Posted by Melissa Cook on Jul 24, 2019 9:09:00 AM

You may have found your way to this blog post because you think I'm about to spill some top-secret information about how you can triple your Instagram followers overnight or make your engagement rate so solid, the world and other brands have to pay attention.

Unfortunately, that's not how this works. Social media isn't a game you can win with tricks, (unless you're a believer in using bots- which we don't recommend & discuss below) but it is a game you can win with strategy. Our best tips? Follow trusted analysts, keep up with algorithm changes, and most importantly, check your own unique analytics, know what the numbers mean, and adjust accordingly. Need some more specific tips? Check out the video below:


Instagram growth and improvement can be hard, and it is work, but it is worth the sweat.

Before you go, there is one thing I do want to quickly cover- bots. Recently, I had to go through an account where a follow-for-follow bot was activated. It was a MESS. Sure, the follower number spiked, but at what cost? Suddenly the timeline was filled with questionable accounts and content, engagement rates plummeted (because spoiler alert- many of those accounts are bots or don't want to engage with you), and anyone who checked to see who we were following was not impressed by the caliber of the accounts. So, the question I have for you to think about the next time you consider using a bot is: What's more important to you? The follower number? Or your engagement rates and the public's perspective of you? Choose wisely.

Have a question about how you can use social media for your business? Click the button below to learn about how social media is not only good for business, but great for sales lead generation:

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Instagram Analytics: |VIDEO|

Posted by Melissa Cook on May 15, 2019 10:04:00 AM

Instagram is known as the king of aesthetic, but behind the filters, hashtags, and witty captions, lies the most important part of the platform: the data. Where is it and what does it all represent? Check out the video below:

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Is Anyone Tuned in to IGTV?

Posted by Cody Lunsford on Nov 6, 2018 1:33:40 PM

Have you been wondering what that odd little vaguely-tv-shaped icon at the top of your Instagram is? Did you see the letters IGTV pop up in your news feeds about four months ago and had no idea what it meant because IGTV seems just like a random grouping of letters? Is anyone tuning in to IGTV? 

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Read This Before Hiring an Instagram Influencer

Posted by Don Crow on May 30, 2018 7:30:00 AM

If you're a brand or an agency (or have a side-hustle you hope to turn into a brand one day), you've probably done some research on Instagram Influencers. If you're what's considered an Instagram Influencer, you've probably been approached by a brand or an agency seeking your assistance in selling their goods or services. But, as a guy who falls in the category of agency and side-hustle brand manager, I've gone through the pains of contacting, negotiating and paying for influencers which is exactly why I wrote a blog post titled, Read This Before Hiring an Instagram Influencer.

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