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Treat Yourself with Subscription Boxes

Posted by Lindsey Barnes on Jul 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Subscriptions for items such as magazines and newspapers may be dwindling, but subscription boxes are still in high demand. The internet facilitates the ordering of subscription boxes, because these companies are entirely online. Birch Box, in a way, pioneered the recent subscription box craze. They created a way for women to try out samples of make-up products without ever having to leave their house. Thousands of other companies have jumped at this business model and some have even made it better.

Nowadays, subscription boxes vary in a wide range of categories such as make-up and beauty products, wine, men and women's clothing, comic books, ready to cook food, children's craft projects, pet supplies and so much more. As you can tell, the options and possibilities are endless. The companies who create these subscription boxes come in all different sizes and the barriers for entry are reasonably low. Here are some of the main reasons subscription boxes aren't just a passing trend and why they have been so successful.

Gift-giving to yourself: If you order a subscription box for yourself then you are participating in the delightful act of self-giving. Receiving one of the boxes in the mail is like having a present delivered to you every month. This is why so many people love these boxes, because they are receiving new and exciting items for such a low price and they don't even have to leave their houses for it. Self-Indulgence has never been more fun and convenient! 


Filtering the options: In the e-commerce world, options to order any kind of product online are endless. So when it comes to making a decision about what eye shadow brand to buy or what red wine would pair well with dinner, it's hard to make a solid, sure choice. Subscription boxes, depending on the category you're ordering from, can help to limit or filter the options, taking the stressful role of decision-maker off of your hands. Now all you have to do is wait for the box to arrive, and see what your subscription box brand has selected for you to try. In your monthly subscription box, you may find that great eye shadow color, the perfect wine, or your dogs new favorite bone, and you didn't even have to spend time searching for it because it was selected for you and delivered right to your door. 

Marketing for suppliers: Subscription box companies have to get their variety of products or samples that they send in the boxes from somewhere. In order to have a mix of products in the boxes, they must find suppliers who want to work with them. The companies who supply their products to these subscription box creators usually are very willing to give them their products or samples of their products at a low cost or sometimes even free because it is a cheap marketing channel for them to use. This way they are able to get samples and products out there for people to try out and hopefully the consumers will enjoy their brand and want to buy more of their products, making them brand loyal. 

Option to buy what you liked online: In addition to the idea that you can discover new brands leading to discovering new products by these brands, you can also shop the actual full size versions of the products you liked in your monthly subscription boxes. For example, if you really liked the sample of blush you received from your Birch Box, you could then go on their website and buy a full size of their blush from the comfort of your own home. Same goes for Wine Awesomeness; their website allows you to shop the wine online that they offer in the monthly subscriptions as well. This allows the companies who offer subscription boxes to have another form of revenue that doesn't just come from subscription orders. 

Easy to order: Subscription boxes are easy to order since it is entirely online. Not only are they easy to order but a lot of subscription box companies like to ask for information about you so they can create a box that fits your personality and interests, and for make-up, fits your skin, skin type and hair color. Here is a video of us ordering our own make-up and beauty subscription boxes from Ipsy. Watch and see for yourself what it's like to order your own (Ipsy box that is)!  

Subscription boxes are an awesome way to find new items in categories that cater to your interests. They also are a great asset to the ever-growing world of e-commerce, since the entire way to order is online. Browse the infinite options of subscription boxes and gifts on the internet, find one that fits your interests and price points and give it a try. You can even create your own subscription box business model, because the possibilities are endless!


Millennials are some of the greatest contributors to the growing craze of subscription box orders. If you would like to learn more about strategies and techniques to grow your business the way subscription boxes have grown, download our FREE ebook on marketing to millennials. 

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