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True Life: I Fell in Love with Inbound Marketing

Posted by MiKyle Crockett on Mar 11, 2015 10:51:00 AM

I fell in love with


Every love story is beautiful, but this one is special. If you think marketing is unattractive, noisy, or irritating, you aren't alone. Outbound marketing used to be my type, as it was for most people, but I got tired of its inconsistency. Recently, my world was turned upside down and I discovered inbound. It was love at first sight! I've never seen anything more chivalric or romantic. Don't believe me? Here are my top 5 reasons for falling in love with inbound:


  1. It was love at first sight – Unlike outbound, Inbound Marketing caught my eye and allowed me to make the first move. It was almost like a magnet that drew me in, unlike the abrasive sledgehammer approach that I was used to experiencing with outbound marketing. Drawing me in and showing me what it had to offer piqued my interest. 
  2. Chivalry isn’t dead – Inbound always opens doors and leads you to new beginnings. Inbound Marketing allows new opportunities to be explored that pertain to your interests in a way that outbound can't. Why would I want marketing that isn't targeted towards me and my interests?
  3. Romantic- There is nothing I love more than somthing keeping me on my toes. Inbound does a great job of keeping me engaged and always providing information that pertains to my personal needs. Always willing to start a conversation, meaning I am never left playing the guessing game.
  4. I was swept off my feet – In order for your content to actually stand out amongst a crowd, it must be remarkable. It was this very quality that swept me off of my feet. Holding yourself to a high standard and focusing on both your content and context shows that you truly care and are intentional about your work. When marketers do their research, it shows!
  5. Inbound Marketing is a leader- There is nothing more romantic than being led. Inbound marketing knows exactly how to cater to your every need and takes the tme to do it right. Thought is put into every post, ad, blog, and more to show that inbound marketing cares and is thinking of your needs.

Every day I fall more and more in love with inbound marketing, and you will too, the more time you spend engaging with it. Want to start your love story? Start by downloading this guide and doing your research to create a thoughtful, romantic campaign to attract customers:


Download the Guide to Creating Loveable Marketing


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