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Twitter Is For Conversations NOT Declarations

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jun 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Twitter has grown rapidly into one of the most popular social media sites. Of course with growth comes change. Many people are starting to realize how much Twitter has changed. Twitter has revamped their site every year and has been going strong.

Twitter used to be a site where people came to in order to state their feelings and thoughts. It has now became a place where people are conversing with each other and even bouncing ideas off of one another. We like to say that Twitter is for conversations NOT declarations.



Twitter is now a center for conversation! People are using the @ button more than ever. Followers are more apt to engage with each other. There is a plethora of "tweeters" that encourage their followers to interact with them. Users are now looking for followers who voice their opinions about their tweets, converse with them about a tweet or picture that has been posted, and engage in games they've created. Twitter has become more about conversation than declaration. 

Creative Atmosphere

Twitter used to be filled with meaningless tweets. Insignificant moments were shared with the world and no one cared. Now, Twitter is a place where creativity flows from the minds of the users into tweets. People are posting samples of their art for everyone to observe and interpret. Dance videos, music links, and drawings are circulating twitter more than ever. People are becoming more engaged in political and social issues via Twitter. It seems that Twitter is becoming the place for intellectual conversation.


Periscope is a new feature that Twitter has added to their site. Periscope is a live video feed where twitter users are able to interact in real time. However, Periscope is not an extension of Twitter. It is an individual app that can be used without any connection to your twitter account. Twitter has now allowed you to surpass the 140 characters by expressing yourself via Periscope. 

Twitter has changed drastically throughout the years. In order to remain relevant and in the youth's favor, one's website must evolve as times change. The growth of technology has allowed a mixture of video chatting, chat rooms, and camera rolls to come together to create a site we call "Twitter". 

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