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Using College Marketing to Keep up with Students over the Summer

Posted by MiKyle Crockett on May 13, 2015 10:08:57 AM

When most people think of the summer, they immediately think of sand, sun, friends and fun. Us on the other hand, think of three words and three words only - lets get social! The summer is a perfect time to perfect your college marketing and use social media to keep up with your students. Fully utilizing your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are easy with these college marketing ideas:



Although Facebook is no longer only for college students, it can still be a great outlet for your university to reach them. According to Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Facebook has more than 1.1 billion active users and over 700 million users log in every day. This is huge! So although your university may already have a website, the social media outlet extends your opportunity to reach people.

Keeping your university’s brand in mind, create and personalize a business page on Facebook. Once you have done this, utilize your ability to promote this new page to all of your networks. You want to make it easy for students and prospects to not only visit, but also remember the location of your Facebook page.

Don’t abandon your page and check it off the to-do list after it is made. Staying active on your page and creating engaging posts will increase your student following. You can also keep up with how well your page is doing through the insights feature of the Facebook pages. To keep your connections constantly growing, remember to post your social links on your university website as well.


This platform is great for targeting business professionals and students. Although the average user is 41 years old, LinkedIn has a great feature to build relationships amongst various student groups. Starting a group is easy and free. Having a specific group for your university will concentrate people with the same interest and build better engagement.

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn provides the option to create a specific business page and also promotional ads. Take advantage of these.


Another social network that continues to multiply its users daily, Twitter is a great platform to start conversations with your students. To begin qualified engagement, simply “follow” other relevant users. The great thing about Twitter is the ability to easily monitor your brand. Using the search function allows you to quickly see the terms and conversations surrounding your university.

Once you have found a good conversation to engage in, utilizing a proper hashtag will allow your student followers to join in on the fun. A hashtag is also a great way to have fun with any summer campaigns your university has this summer.


With these three platforms, you can now make summer time at the pool just as exciting as summer time with your university. Build your network, be engaging and make it a priority to keep track of your students this summer. 

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