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Agency FRONT LINES: Verge Pipe Media Internships

Posted by Don Crow on Aug 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM

As part of our Agency Front Lines series of blog posts, today we look at one of our most searched key phrases, Verge Pipe Media Internships. If you're interested in joining the VPM Team, you'll learn a lot from two recent graduates who turned their intership into paid roles while they finished their degree at Auburn University.

Verge Pipe Media is an inbound agency that dissects their clients' marketing and business challenges and develops solutions that produce results. Those results typically mean more website traffic, more and better qualified leads, and consistent branding across social media and online platforms. Getting there takes a lot of unspectacular work behind the scenes and that means having exceptional, "imagineers."

For over one year, two of those imagineers have been key drivers in Verge Pipe Media's growth and ability to deliver exceptional work for clients. If you're interested in joining the VPM team one day, take a read through some of the lessons learned and the path of Chad Oliver and Eric Callaghan.


How did they become imagineers?

Chad and Eric both attended the media job fair held by Auburn University's College of Liberal Arts. After an initial interview at the job fair, Chad and Eric interviewed with Don (our Founder and Managing Partner). It is important to note that VPM has the good fortune to only make offers to about 10% of applicants - we really have that many highly qualified applicants to choose from during any given time of the year. The first thing that separates top candidates is their knowledge of Verge Pipe Media. Chad and Eric had both done their homework between their initial interview and their meeting with Don.

The next, and arguably most important next step is a simple, "thank you" note. Email is fine of course, and an old school USPS mailed thank you note is always appreciated. Candidates who don't send a thank you note don't advance to the final step.

Chad and Eric aced the interviews and the thank you note. Once in the door as unpaid interns, they both turned that opportunity into a paid, part-time role. Did we mention we have Paid Time Off (PTO) for part-time employees?

Chad and Eric's tips for future imagineers

Chad has lots of advice for current and future imagineers he summed up as, "Show up on time, work hard, please turn on the microphone at client video shoots, make sure you focus on one thing at a time, finish what you started before moving on to another project, and do not miss deadlines."

Eric agreed with Chad's tips but had a few more things to add. In his words, "If you feel overwhelmed, ask for help sooner than later and don't be afraid to ask for clarity."

What will you take with you when you leave VPM?

Chad: "I've gained experience with using my major (film making) for something other than the film industry. It has helped me establish an alternate plan if my dreams of working in the film industry fall through. We've also had a lot of funny moments. One of the most memorable moments was when Eric was unable to open the door at our first meeting. For a while, I just knew him as the guy who couldn't open the door."

Eric: "VPM has left me with the ability to adjust quickly to unexpected situations because everyday is different. I also learned how to wear many hats. I may start off working on one project but by the end of the day, I worked on other projects that weren't necessarily in my area of interest. Due to this, I became well-rounded in many areas. One funny moment that I experienced at Verge Pipe was when I had to participate in an exercise skit that Chad was shooting. We were supposed to seem really out of place while at the gym and the funny thing about it is we really were actually out of place."

What is next for Chad and Eric?

Eric is moving to Lexington, Kentucky with his girlfriend and has accepted a role as a marketing automation expert with an agency and Chad is moving to California to pursue his dreams of working in the film industry. It's important to note they both have developed contacts and the ability to always call on Don or Tod for advice and recommendations.

If you're interested in joining the Verge Pipe Media team feel free to contact us and let us know, (a) where your interest lies, and (b) what value you believe you can deliver to us, and our clients.

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