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Vine College Social Media Marketing Takeover

Posted by admin on Oct 21, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Created by Twitter as a way to share 6-second video clips that play in a loop, Vine is more than just some silly app users can share their best Kim Kardashian impression. Similar to Twitter and Instagram, people are able to follow each other to see what they create and repost. This app can be extremely effective in marketing for your higher ed institution as videos can be uploaded to school websites, used for publicity on social media platforms, and operate as a great tool in promoting communication among students, recruiters and prospective students.


Why use Vine you ask? Well, by 2017 two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be by video. Still not convinced? It has also been found that Vine videos promoting a certain brand are four-times more likely to be seen than any other product endorsing video. Vine is an up and coming app that continues to gain more users, so hop on the Vine bandwagon and take your college marketing to the next level. Here are a few simple tips to get you started.


5 tips for using Vine successfully

1. Be unique when creating a Vine video: Standing out to prospective students is extremely important. Try to be distinctive with your Vine videos and capture your audience's attention with creative, well thought out clips that will leave them begging for six more seconds. Remember to keep your college’s feel (whether that be extremely studious, carefree, etc.) included in your video, so prospective students can get a true sense for what their lives could be like on your college’s campus.

2. Show off all that you have to offer. Is your campus newly dusted with snow and looking postcard picture perfect? Create a Vine video with various images of the scenery to show off what potential students could someday call home and what current students already do. Snap some videos of the pumped up crowd at sporting events. Include the winning score, notable alumni, and crowded stands and combine them to make a memorable and impressive vine.

3. Incorporate trending topics. Attracting an audience can be difficult on Vine because there are so many creative and entertaining accounts out there, but you can compete with these “popular” videos by including the current hot topics and hashtags. If students across your campus are frantic about the Ebola outbreak, make a Vine with info about how to protect themselves and use relevant hashtags. Incorporating these trending topics and current events will help attract more viewers who may not have been interested at first. This will help your vines get more views and help you gain more followers in the long run.

4. Create your own hashtag. Get current students involved in your Vine takeover by making a hashtag students can use for their personal Vine videos. Chances are a lot of your students are already creating videos that highlight their lives on your campus, so why not include them in the fun? Warning: make sure the videos are PG rated. There is no denying there might be some partying going on at your university, but that’s definitely not what you want to share via your university’s official Vine account. Clean videos #ftw (for the win).

5. Update your followers via Vine. Let’s be real, your students get TONS of emails a day and are unlikely to check them as often as their social media feeds. If there is a school cancellation due to heavy rains, go ahead and make a vine including the forecast and message about class cancellations. If you’re holding an event or open house for prospective students to visit and tour the campus, send out your supplemental invites and details about the event using Vine as well. Social media is already a huge part of today’s teen’s lives don’t be scare to piggyback off of that obsession.

Vine is an important social media tool that can be easily utilized for college social media marketing.

Interested in learning more on how to effectively use social media to boost your college’s marketing strategy? Head on over to our website and read about more tips and tricks to do so.

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