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What Marketers Need To Know About Facebook Instant Articles

Posted by K'yani Gross on Jun 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Facebook has become a site where you can express yourself in various forms. You can write posts, upload videos, use Facebook Live, and now they've added Facebook instant articles. This feature allows Facebook users to become publishers instantly while having already established an audience (friends and followers). 

Want to learn more about Facebook instant articles? Good! We've compiled our top three reasons why this new addition is a "must-use" application for marketers and those wanting to use Facebook to amplify their storytelling.



Facebook has found many ways to capture and hold reader's attention. Unlike many websites, Facebook allows you to tell your story in various enganging ways. With instant articles,you are able to add high resolution photos, interactive maps, and even auto-play videos that can accompany your article. By adding these tools, Facebook opens the door for your article to be read thoroughly by other users. 


Publishers are now able to deliver a story to their readers while on the go. Facebook claims that Instant Articles displays stories as much as 10 times faster than conventional mobile browsers. Your readers may want a constant update to your latest story and now you are able to do so with ease. Facebook Instant articles allow the publisher and the reader to continue to be mobile.This is very useful due to being in a period where people are always on the move and technology is easily accesible.


There are many design features within your instant article that you able to customize. Facebook has provided markup elements. The customizable elements enable you to obtain a clear and creative layout for your article. There are a few guidlines about the articles formatting that you have to follow in order to avoid any confusion or broken images/videos. Facebook wants the publisher to provide the most interactive and clear story for their readers. Publishers can also enable the option for people to like,comment, and share their articles. 

Facebook instant article's innovative design and method to publishing stories are enhancing the way in which people use the social media platform. The tools publishers are now able to utilize to create an engaging story will only strengthen the relationship between the publisher and readers. Facebook conintues to be a platform to receive engaging information and gain knowledge. 

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