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What the Top 5 Higher Ed Twitter Accounts Can Teach You

Posted by Davin Cobb on Sep 3, 2015 9:50:00 AM

Gaining followers on your Twitter account can be a tricky task. This task can be even harder for a college or university because let’s face it, what student wants to see, “school starts back in 1 week!” on their timeline? 


Most students are trying to avoid all things school as soon as they step off campus, but in 2015, virtually every university is on Twitter. Universities are keeping their students updated on events, announcements, promoting their athletic fan base, keeping alumni relationships thriving, and promoting the school as a brand in its entirety. While some universities struggle with this, there are some that have figured out the right way to keep their Twitter account thriving and keep the interest of their studets.

Each and every university has their own way of telling their story. The use of social media is the easiet way of getting information to your public and eduacting them. Some universities like to keep it casual and more conversational with their followers while others like to to be formal and informative. I’m going to tell you the top 5 higher ed twitter accounts with the greatest number of followers as well as what they are doing right to achieve these numbers.


  1. Harvard UniversityTop 5 Higher Ed Twitter Accounts Harvard


Not only is Harvard a top 5 college in the country, it’s at the top of the list in terms of Twitter followers as well. Harvard has approxiamtely 523,000 followers on Twitter. What is it Harvard is posting that is so interesting? Well, they take a formal approach in presenting their research findings. The University is contantly presenting innovative research material in tweets directing readers to news articles and studies bthey have completed. Harvard maintains a constant brand voice and remains consistent in the material they are presenting to their followers. Educating their audience is the driving force behind Harvard’s success on Twitter.



  1. Stanford UnversityTop 5 Higher Ed Twitter Accounts Stanford

With 329,000 folowers, Stanford Univerity is second on our list of universities doing Twitter right. Like Harvard, Stanford consistently presents groundbreaking research and news for its followers. Stanford keeps its followers up to date on athletics, research, and anything Sanford. When you know what your followers are looking for it makes it easier to be successful on Twitter. Always make sure to appeal to your audience!



  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top 5 Higher Ed Twitter Accounts MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT comes in third on this list with 229,000 folowers. MIT is also a university that is keeping its followers up to date with constant research findings and achievements of their students. Twitter is a social media platform that might limit the nimber of charcters you use but not the number of times you can post. Keeping your followers up to date is essential to Twitter success, and praising the achievements of faculty, alumni, and current students is always effective in promoting your own brand.



  1. Yale University


Yale is doing something right to attain 219,000 followers for its university. They present constant, up to date information for their students on what is going on around campus, and one thing that sets Yale apart is that they are constantly higlighting their students on their achievements and keeping their followers up to date with day-to-day reseach and advancements.



  1. Princeton


Princeton made this list because it is constantly keeping its followers engaged through new content. It is very important when using Twitter to post frequestly. Princeton posts around 4-5 times a day to their account. This is important because it keeps their followers coming back on a regular basis looking for new content, which in return will increase visitors to their webiste through links to relevant articles.


The thing that is consistent with all these schools is that they are constantly educating their followers and appealing to what they want. Remember, Twitter is a social media platform that should be constantly upadated, so it is imortant to post frequent information that is educational and engaging to your followers.




If you are interested in learning more about how to take on social media as a higher ed brand, take a look at our free ebook, "A University's Tool Kit for Launching a Remarkable Campaign." 

University's Tool Kit for Launching a Remarkable Campaign

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