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What's the Obsession with Unboxing Videos?

Posted by Lindsey Barnes on Jul 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The obsession with ordering subscription boxes has been proven to be more than just a fad. But another obsession related to these subscription boxes has shown up on YouTube in the past few years and that is the unboxing of subscription boxes on camera. These types of videos are typically posted by those who have successful YouTube channels with a large following. Unboxing videos are also not just limited to the unboxing of subscription boxes, but also includes almost anything that comes in a box. Unboxing videos of computers, smartphones, shoes, or anything are getting just as much attention. These videos are wildly popular, but why? Why are they created and why do viewers beg their favorite YouTubers to make these videos?

pexels-photo-264601.jpgSponsorship: One obvious reason YouTubers make these videos of themselves unboxing subscription boxes is likely because the company of the subscription boxes has sponsored them to do so. Usually they will get these boxes sent to them for free or for pay and the video creators will unbox and review the product on camera. YouTube, in addition to the subscription box companies, will also pay the YouTube channel hosts money for creating videos like this. Usually these YouTubers will be offered many different sponorships, but choose one out of multiple, because they genuinely like the product. YouTubers are also loyal to their channel subscribers and want to create content they will enjoy, or in this case, an unboxing video that will be worth the viewers' time to watch.

Marketing: Another reason these videos are often created is because it is easy marketing for the companies the subscription boxes come from. If a company gets multiple famous YouTubers with a heavy following to unbox their products on video, they can reach a wide range of people. Marketers also give YouTube channel hosts a code to give to their fans on the unboxing video, so their viewers can get a discount of some sort on their first order.  Not only does this benefit the company for attracting more customers through YouTube, it helps the creator of the video because they are pleasing their fans by giving their fans the discount.

Viewers love them: Aside from making money and generating sales, the viewers actually enjoy unboxing videos more than any of the other reasons. Unboxing videos have been a phenomenon across YouTube. At the end of 2016 there were over 60 million search results for "unboxing". One reason they are so popular is because viewers like to see their favorite YouTube channel hosts review products in real life and hear their opinions. This is a more realistic way to see a product before buying it because they get to see the real life response of those who's opinions they value. Another reason is that people love the story-telling sensation of unboxing videos. From watching the reviews of the appearance of the box, to opening it, to what's inside the subscription box and the individual reviews of each product inside, it tells a live story. I have found a good example of this from YouTuber KathleenLights. She gets the subscription box BoxyCharm and reviews it on her channel each time she receives the box in the mail, making it a series of YouTube videos on her channel. Most YouTubers will follow this pattern with subscription boxes, and review them each time they come in, simply because their viewers love them. 


This obsession with unboxing videos is enormous. Some may understand the phenomenon if they have their own YouTube channels that they follow, especially ones that specialize in this "art" of unboxing videos. If you haven't seen one of these videos, check them out on YouTube and see what you think. I can assure you that they're easy to find. Do you think that they're worth all the hype? If you don't there are millions who would disagree with you. Happy watching!

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