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Where will higher ed marketing be in 10 years?

Posted by Chelsea Phillips on Mar 18, 2015 9:22:00 AM

Believe it or not, between the year 2005 and now, we have seen more changes than ever from the social media standpoint. Shall we take a stroll down memory lane?

In 2005, Myspace was the “it” thing. But, it wasn’t used for promoting businesses as we see most social media mediums doing today. More so, it was used to network with friends from all over. Now, Myspace is used for music purposes with a partial ownership shift from Tom Anderson to Justin Timberlake. Interesting, right?

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in the early 2000s specifically for Harvard students. Now, it has more than 300 million online users open to individuals all over the world.

Ten years ago, there were “how to” tutorials on proper blogging. Now, there are roughly 100 million bloggers in cyberspace. 

What a difference 10 years makes!

We are positive that Anderson and Zuckerberg had no idea that their net worth would be $580 million and $34.8 billion respectively after the creation of their social media sites. Just as they were uncertain, we have a few uncertainties regarding marketing. However, one thing is for sure – higher ed marketing will be thriving more than ever before in the next 10 years.


The top three changes we see happening are as follows:

  1. Social platforms will shift. As we’ve already discussed, social media has evolved tremendously. One thing is for sure – there’s no right or wrong answer for which platform best fits your higher ed marketing tactics. However, we believe that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are the best platforms to market to prospective higher education students.
  1. Inbound marketing will dominate over outbound. Technology has given inbound marketing the upper hand regarding styles of marketing. Outbound marketing is getting blocked out of our current lives; DRV allows us to fast-forward through commercials, block lists let us to avoid telemarketers, and online websites permit us to avoid newspaper ads. Generally, older customers are more likely to respond to outbound marketing.
  1. Specific audiences will be more specifically targeted. Imagine a world where you cared about the marketing you viewed; that’s inbound! Within the next 10 years, inbound will continue to target specific audiences assuring that content is geared toward higher ed prospects.

While we wish our projection on where higher ed marketing will be in 10 years could earn us millions, it won’t. However, we guarantee there will be noticeable changes in higher ed marketing.

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photo credit: Hardywood Spherical Shot via photopin (license)

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