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Why Christmas Commercials are the Best at Attracting and Delighting

Posted by Cody Lunsford on Dec 15, 2016 9:00:00 AM

As the song goes, it's the most wonderful time of the year. More specifically, it's the most wonderful time of the year for commercials. Some may argue that Super Bowl has better commercials and while they may be flashier and funnier, Christmas commercials tug at your heartstrings, make you feel warm and fuzzy, and maybe, just maybe, make you cry. Christmas commercials are incredible at both attracting and delighting, attracting people who may not know about their brand and delighting those who are already fans. The reason that the successful Christmas commercials work really well is because they choose to tell a story and focus on how the customer is feeling during the holiday season, rather than simply sell a product. We've talked before about leveraging video content, but let's put a Santa Hat on that idea as we take a look at some of the best Christmas Commercials and why they work so well. 


This commercial from tech giant Apple focuses on the classic character of Frankenstein's monster with a holiday twist. This isn't the monster that chases the villagers around. This is the misunderstood gentle giant who just wants to share the holidays around people. Add in a song filled with longing about Christmas and a child who is nice to the monster and you have a perfect Christmas commercial. Notice how the main focus of the commercial is not the Apple phone that Frankie uses to record the backing track for his song, but rather the emotional journey that he goes through to be accepted during the holidays.


The British retailer M&S recently released this commercial which shows what Mrs. Claus is up to while Santa is away on Christmas Eve. It turns out that she helps out children who write letters for her, in this case a well-meaning little brother who, after messing up his older sister's favorite shoes, wants to make it up to her. Mrs. Claus is presented as super cool and modern, using high tech equipment to accomplish her goal. This commercial really seals the deal with its emotional throughline of the little brother who says "you may not think I like my sister a lot. I do. I love her a lot. And I want her to be happy at Christmas." I'm not afraid to admit some tears were shed at this one. And again, this is a commercial that is not focused on what M&S is selling, though I'm sure that this commercial inspired many people in the U.K. to go to their local M&S and US customers to look them up online. 
H&M - Come Together
This commercial from H&M, directed by film director Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody, chronicles the journey of a train that is running late and so is going to miss Christmas. The rest of the train bands around in order to bring the Christmas spirit to a little boy. It is very stylized in Wes Anderson's signature style and hits the emotional core of a little boy avoiding missing out on Christmas. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, the focus is not on the product H&M is selling, but rather a story that attracts new customers or delights those that are already a fan of H&M.
When making a Christmas or holiday commercial or online video, it is abundantly clear that the focus should be the feelings that are associated with the holidays, such as family, giving, love, and togetherness. It should be focused on attracting and delighting your audience. But here's the trick. This shouldn't be your method only during the holidays. Your videos should always be telling a story. That may not always be a story about a monster finding his place or a kid reaching out to his little sister. Sometimes, it may just be the story of your brand. But tell a story. It's what will get people engaged. 
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