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Why community managers are important

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jul 23, 2015 10:28:48 AM

It’s no secret that social media is becoming one of the most important tools in a business’ back pocket. Similar to any other channel of communication out there, it is important to arm your business with a select and talented team to ensure that every inbound and outbound marketing strategy is addressed.

Community managers, please stand up.

Whether they’re running a social media campaign or posting to multiple accounts, community managers are often defined by what they do and their leadership online. In any business, if you’re going to have a digital presence, hiring a community manager can ensure that your company is interacting with its customers and community in the right way. Below we will review why adding extra space in your office for a community manager is worth it for the longevity of your business.





The cheerleader

The community manager role is responsible for advocating your brand on social networks and boosting your brand awareness. To keep it simple, they make sure that all eyes are on your business. With more than 1.44 billion people on Facebook and over 974 million users on Twitter, chances are that your current and potential customers are turning to social media for personal and industry related updates. Your community manager is essential to pulling in those numbers and creating interest or hype around your business, especially with the introduction of a new product, feature or service. Most importantly, it is their job to expand your reach across all digital platforms and impact your audience on a professional and social level.

The voice

It’s more than just the retweets and shares. Social media also gives customers the opportunity to get to know your unique brand and the story behind your products and services. Community managers are responsible for being your company’s voice, setting the tone on your social media accounts and showing off the people behind your brand. Your community manager should be more than the voice behind your brand, but its personality. No one wants to feel like they’re interacting with a robot and it’s easy to lose human connection through a computer screen. Therefore, it’s important that your community manager connects with your audience on a “human” level. Your audience most likely doesn’t speak textbook and your social posts shouldn’t read like one. Conversational and interactive posts are the languages to go by in order to ensure responses from your audience. You have the content and it’s time to let it speak for itself with the help of a community manager.

 The listener

You need someone to be all your eyes and ears? Enter the community manager. One of the best qualities in a great community manager is their ability to listen and observe. This includes listening to customer feedback, tracking trends in your industry and keeping an ear out for opportunities for your brand to get involved. Whether it’s sponsoring a community related event or responding to a tweet, it is all a matter of joining multiple conversations in your industry.  This can include responding to your fans tweets about your company or complimenting someone a time zone on their Ebook about content marketing, besides a little flattery never hurt right? It may sound daunting at first, but the purpose is simple. Joining the conversation can come in all shapes and sizes and it’s healthy for your community manager to branch out across your industry.  After all, they should put the “social” in social media.

The social butterfly

Every business wants to create a positive customer experience and creating a long lasting relationship with the ones who matter most is a great way to do that. Hands down, building relationships is one of the top priorities for a community manager. Whether it’s with clients or competitors, it is always a good idea to embrace the connections that your business has by going the extra mile. We’re not saying putting their name in lights because it is the simplest of gestures that go a long way. Whether you’re offering a customized customer experience or responding promptly to an email, your community manager should treat every connection as the most important one and be a helpful hand. Simply put. Happy customers and partners are more likely to make referrals and provide great feedback.

 While it is an investment, a community manager can take your business places it never dreamed of inside and outside of the digital world. Remember that the name of the game is to build connections and that takes time. Therefore, it is essential that you’re able to trust your community manager and the long term work they do. Take it from us. It will reap long lasting benefits.

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