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Why Community Managers Belong In Higher Ed

Posted by Chelsea Phillips on Apr 15, 2015 9:33:00 AM

Similar to a car, there are a million parts that make up a business or University to make it run smoothly and properly. An important role in Higher Ed is the community manager. Consider the role of community manager as the maintenance (wo)man of the functionality of the car.


With the executive director of the business being the person steering the car, the community manager is in charge of making sure everything is in tune. 

Your initial thoughts may be, “What does a community manager do, manage a community?” 

Actually, yes! A community manager, in short, manages the brand for social networks and answers many questions that outsiders may have regarding the business. Other descriptions may include designing for online posts, sending postcards and brainstorming for campaigns.

It is crucial that every higher ed institution has a community manager, or someone who is in charge of outreach for each area of the University. 

Here’s the top five roles our community manager here at Verge Pipe Media does, and how these roles can translate to the same position at the University.

  1. Manages social media. That may be an obvious to some, but not to most. It takes a special person to run a social media page. As you may recall from our blog, Overcoming Challenges in creating a Social Media Strategy, the community manager must be strategic about what and when to post on social media.
  2. Monitors and interacts with people on social media. We are becoming such a technologically savvy world, that most people will not pick up the phone to call when they have a question. Instead, a quick mention on Twitter or comment on Facebook may pose a question that many have wondered and few have asked.
  3. Create intriguing content. The community manager is responsible for making sure posts are luring readers in, converting prospects to leads and eventually leads to customers.
  4. Finds relatable facts to post and and retweet. While it is important to create your own content for your website and social media, engaging other sites containing compelling information will not only help your brand, but the other site’s brand as well.
  5. Monitoring campaigns. A campaign is nothing without proper guidance. How will you know what does and does not work? Allowing the community manager to guide the campaign will lessen the stress of others along the way as well as overseeing all of the parts that go into the campaign as a whole.

Remember, the maintenance (wo)man is here to keep all parts in tune. Without him or her, the car will run, but eventually break down. Community managers are just as important in the long run to the functionality of the business.

Be sure to click the link below on how to create a remarkable campaign!

University's Tool Kit for Launching a Remarkable Campaign

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