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Why Everyone is a PR rep in the Digital World

Posted by Abby Broom on Aug 27, 2015 9:45:14 AM

In the digital world today, whether it be for personal or business use, any content that is posted on the Internet is an automatic representation of yourself or your business. Social media has made it even more important to watch what you say and how you say it. The result of this: everyone is a PR rep in the digital world.


Why everyone is a pr rep in the digital world


Social Media and PR, Two Peas in a Pod

Being a public relations representative means being a communicator that transmits clear and concise messages to a target audience for a specific person or brand in order to build relationships. There are few better ways to do that in today's digital world than through social media, and it is a booming avenue for the PR industry.

When you post online to let people know what you are doing, how you are feeling, or what your beliefs may be, you are communicating a message that represents who you are. The same goes with a company that posts something on their social media accounts or blogs. Their ideals are immediately communicated through their digital voice. Don’t you want the content you post to be the most positive representation of you, or your company, that it can be?


Be Aware

An important part of being a PR rep in the digital world is being aware. Because PR and social media are so closely related, it is crucial to pay close attention to what you are posting and to think of every way in which someone may interpret what you write. You will want to create clear and effective content to the best of your ability, and make sure to edit and read over the content before publishing, and then edit and read it over again. You can never be too careful.


Be Prepared if it All Goes South

In today’s world of digital media, it is important to be on your toes. In the event that someone does happen to interpret your content in a way other than you intended, it is best to be ready and able to explain the message you were attempting to convey. If you can't explain your stance clearly, maybe don't share it with the world.

It is also important to stay interactive with your followers in every aspect of the digital world because that provides a positive image and shows that you care. If a message does fail and receives backlash, you will at the very least have a small cushion based on your prior reputation. For more, see our post on PR crisis management.


Everyone is a PR Rep

Having the ability to recognize that everyone is naturally a PR rep via their social media accounts can be extremely beneficial. If you are not able to see that you and the person next to you are both PR reps, and clearly understand why, then that could negatively influence your decisions and ultimately your reputation.


THINK before you post & KNOW what you’re publishing!


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