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Why Higher Ed Professionals Should be Early Adopters

Posted by Addi Rogers on Jul 29, 2014 2:27:31 PM

I got an email this morning from Chris, our Media Manager and Head of Strategy. It was about how different Higher Ed clients are in different market adoption groups. Market adoption groups, if you don't already know, are a breakdown of when a person decides to buy the latest and greatest technology (whatever it may be). There are five parts:

  1. Innovators: Take risks and adopt technologies that might fail
  2. Early Adopters: Ahead of the game. They see what innovators have discovered and use it in a practical way.
  3. Early market/majority: Wait until they know the product will value them in some way.
  4. Late market/majority: Skeptical. Will wait until it has been adopted by the majority and the price has gone down. "Everyone else is doing it."
  5. Laggards: Content with what they have. They adopt the new product because they're forced to.

The breakdown ends up looking like a bell curve, as you can see below:



And who are the Early Adopters? Who else but MILLENNIALS. That means if you’re a Higher Ed professional, you should be an Early Adopter too, and here’s why.

Your focus, as a University, is on the success of your students and your relationships with alumni. If you want students and alumni to actively participate in your campaigns, to voice their opinions, to use you as a resource – the list goes on and on – you must look appealing to them. As we’ve mentioned before, strong alumni relationships start when students are still in college. If you’re still sending emails and refrigerator magnets, you’re not doing it right

Adopt the technologies that students are adopting and implement them in a way that is entertaining, informative, and will not only intrigue students, but inspire other Universities to follow in your footsteps.

Leaders take risks. Be the leader in your market.


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