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Higher Ed Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Posted by Courtney Kennedy on Jan 26, 2015 9:08:00 AM


The world is changing every single day, and with it, marketing is becoming more advanced. (Almost) long gone are the days of advertising through television commercials and on the radio. Outbound marketing, or marketing that involves sending out a message to a general audience that may or may not see it, is definitely on its way out. Replacing it is inbound marketing-the art of targeting specific customers and marketing directly to them with things like social media and search engine optimization (or making your site easier to find online).

Outbound marketing

Door to door sales, cold calling, direct mail campaigns…these are all things that come to mind when hearing “outbound marketing.” Outdated and outlandish, outbound marketing is simply that…outbound. In a world where the internet dominates and technology is constantly changing, the generalized efforts of outbound marketing do not hold up anymore. Marketing professionals all over are seeking out better and improved ways to seek out customers.

Inbound marketing

Methods like cold calling have become a waste of time and money. Inbound marketing seems to be the solution everyone has been hoping for. By building buyer personas, or consumer profiles, to help assess what each individual customer is looking for, companies can better target the needs of their target market. By getting to know each individual, the company can gain credibility, earn trust, and build a solid reputation by demonstrating that they really care. 

Not to mention, inbound marketing is significantly more cost-effective than outbound marketing. According to Hubspot, inbound marketing costs 61 percent less than outbound marketing. This cost reduction is a result of using things like blogs, social media and search engine optimization (SEO), which most consumers participate in anyway and are free of charge.

Higher ed inbound marketing can also help professionals reconnect with alumni or target quality prospective students. 

Automated Marketing

Automated marketing has become the new norm. Marketing automation is software that helps efficiently market products on multiple social media outlets and websites. Technology like automated marketing seems to be a move toward more futuristic marketing. However, if executed poorly, automated marketing is vaguely familiar of outbound marketing practices. Simply sending a generalized e-mail blast, for example, is not necessarily the most efficient way to gain trusted leads. When done correctly, marketing automation is a fantastic way to catch buyers in the awareness portion of the buyer’s journey and really reel them in.

At the end of the day, people don’t like to be bothered about something they are not necessarily interested in. Inbound marketing is more efficient because it involves gaining trust and letting the customer come to you. If you think you're ready to be a part of the in-crowd, click the button below to learn more. 

5 Core Services of Inbound Marketing CTA  

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