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Why Personalized Customer Experience is Important in Any Industry

Posted by Taylor Ennis on Jun 30, 2015 10:55:50 AM

The expression “familiarity breeds contempt” is all too, well, familiar. Yet its lesson deserves to be challenged - especially in the craft of customer service. In the customer experience context, familiarity means meeting customer expectations. Whether your business is at home or in a high rise, it is important to exceed your customers’ expectations by digging into the art of personalization.

Personalizing your comapny's products and services to suit the needs and interests of your customers can go a long way toward igniting and building relationships with them; however, it’s more than just greeting a customer by his or her name when they walk in the door or open your email. That’s a great start, but it does not cover all of the bases. Below we’ll prove why personalized customer experience is important in any industry with these four attention grabbing techniques.




Customize your content

Now more than ever, companies large to small understand that their audiences delight in products or services personalized to them. You Netflix junkies know what I’m talking about. Netflix has a feature that allows users to select up to five-star ratings for movies or television shows they did or did not like. In result, this tool allows Netflix to tailor its content to a specific user.

Whether your buyers are searching for specific products or current offers, provide personalized content to help them not only choose what you're selling, but stick to your brand. This can be done a mulititude of ways and is a great opportunity for your comapny to unleash its creative side. Your business could display something as simple as a rating system like Netflix or even give potential clients an outlet to customize their own experience or product. Although it may sound tedious at first, there is no question that doing it will help you navigate consumers into your industry and stamp their name into your brand.  

Welcome the newbies

Content customization isn’t just for your most loyal customers. It can also help introduce potential customers to your industry. With an overload of products and services in every industry, it is important that your company tailors a personalized experience for customers who are not sure which way to turn. Let’s pretend that your potential customer is scrolling through your website for existing offers. No matter how striking your graphics are or how compelling your content is, visitors who experience the same offer over and over again will most likely not respond.  However, content that is personalized to their interests can present something fresh to your visitors each time they check out your website.

Be all ears

You know the feeling. It’s right around dinner time and suddenly the phone rings with a telemarketer on the other end. Needless to say, there is a reason the “no call” list exists and there’s no room for personalization to live there.

Personalization as a part of your marketing strategy is based on your ability and willingness to send the right information, to the right people at the right time. While generic traditional marketing tactics makes your potential customers feel harassed, personalized marketing makes them feel understood and increases customer delight. It differentiates your company as one that listens and cares about its customers instead of one that is only concerned about revenue. In the end, you’re gaining customers and making marketing that customers want to love.

Create marketing that converts

Every step you take to attract customers to your personalized content should be in the name of conversion. This means turning complete strangers to actual customers. Whether your goal is to get someone to invest in your company or download an e-book, people will most likely react to your conent when it resonates with them. This means making your content and marketing meaningful to them. In a study of more than 93,000 calls-to-action created using HubSpot, and hundreds of millions of views over a 12-month period, HubSpot found that calls-to-action that are targeted to the user had a 42 percent higher view-to-submission rate than calls-to-action that were the same for all visitors. When you segment your customers using every bit of information you've gathered about them, you have given yourself the ability to use that information at the right time in your buyer’s process and play on marketing automation

Remember that this isn’t a “one size fits all” experience. While it’s easy to place all of your customers in one category, it is important to segment your audience by their interests and personalize your content in response. If you’re ready to create content that has your name on it, click the link below.

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