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Why Use Facebook Live?

Posted by Eric Callaghan on Mar 30, 2016 8:00:00 AM

If you don't have (or use) Facebook Live yet, you probably will soon. Facebook Live is the up-and-coming live-stream video app from that website you spend all of your waking hours on. The addition of the "live" feature allows you to press a button on your device and broadcast to the world. I'm sure you're thinking, "hey Verge Pipe Media, why use Facebook Live when I already have a following on Periscope? I think I'm going to stick with it." Go ahead, but remember what we always say about the TV/radio/print media people who are just going to stick with it too, they're going extinct. If that's not a good enough reason, perhaps the next couple will convince you to try it out.

Why Use Facebook Live?

Before I jump in on why you should use Facebook Live, let's look into live-stream video apps as a whole. Periscope is obviously the big dog in the live-stream yard, with Meerkat and pulling their weight behind it. These three apps and the handful of copycat apps just like them offer a new way of digesting content, and more specifically, mobile content. We've already covered some live-stream video marketing tips, but just as a refresher, these live-stream apps can be used for product demos, interviews, Q&A or Ask Me Anything sessions, behind-the-scenes access, how-to's, announcements and more. Another plus to live-stream video is that it's hard to have overproduced, constructed content. Live video is more transparent, more one-to-one and more uncut which helps to create a stronger relationship with your potential customers. So with other apps like Periscope where you can do all of these things, this once again begs the question why Facebook Live?


Periscope has roughly 4 million daily active users as of January of this year. This sounds like a lot until you consider that Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users. On the plus side for Periscope, it's owned by Twitter, who has now integrated Periscope streams into the Twitter feed. Still, Twitter only has around 320 million active users, or about a third of Facebook's active user base. 

Not only will Facebook Live have the potential reach that is three times the size of Periscope's, but its biggest benefit will be an existing audience. Facebook Live isn't its own app, but a feature within Facebook. All you have to do is hit a button and you're live. This means that all of your Facebook followers and friends will see on their feed that you're live and can tune in. So, theoretical person reading this who is happy with their Periscope following, consider that instead of starting off without any followers, and having to build from there, you start off with 1,000 or 5,000 or however many people already like your page or follow your profile. 


As I just said, it's important to consider that Facebook Live is a feature within the Facebook app, and once the feature is unrolled to everyone, no extra steps outside of updating the app will be needed to access it. This saves you the hassle of downloading Periscope, linking it to your Twitter profile, trying to get the word out on socials that you'll be broadcasting, completing your stream, then taking the initiative to go into your library, try to download it, and post it elsewhere.

With Facebook Live, you hit the button within Facebook and your broadcast will pop up in your followers' newsfeeds, and once you end your stream, your stream will automatically lead you to the video editor (just like any other video you upload to Facebook). You can then easily repurpose this video and your followers will always have access to it as well. Facebook Live is a one-stop shop for live-video streaming, and there really aren't any extra steps in downloading or promoting your stream or gaining a follower base as it already exists. If you want to learn more about using social media apps and features in your marketing strategy, check out our free eBook below.

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