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Why Your About Us Video Needs to Change

Posted by Don Crow on Jul 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM

You'd have to be under a pretty large rock to have not noticed how much video content has taken over our newsfeeds. It seems we have more options than ever to "go live," stream daily (and nightly) activities, or just hit record with a smartphone, make some basic edits and produce a well polished video to share with the world.


If there is one area that needs help though, it's the, "About Us" video. You know the one? It's a lot of sweeping shots of the office mixed in with photos of key staff and it may even have a professional(ish) voice over. It's got about as much personality as a cadaver and rarely gets watched by anyone other than a salesperson on a cold calling mission looking for clues.

You can do better and you should.

Lacking inspiration? We can help! Take a few minutes to check out some sample About Us videos we've done recently. WARNING: they are far from ordinary.

The Lineup - This video incorporates animation and a very fun take on the hobbies and inner thoughts of some of the VPM team members. We cannot say with certainty that some of the personality traits may or may not have been completely fictional for humorous purposes.



The Interview - this is one where you have the most flexibility! Don't think you have to do all of your interview type videos, "60 Minutes" style. Take advantage of your natural (or unnatural) surroundings, get outside and ask questions that go beyond, "What's your favorite color?"



Hopefully, these two examples and other videos on our YouTube Channel will inspire you to get creative and update your video image. If you need some help getting started, we've got several fantastic blog posts devoted to unleashing your inner Steven Spielberg.

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If you're looking for something to save to your device or print out to read on the beach, check out our FREE case study on how we helped a prominent Higher Ed client with video marketing by tapping the download button below.

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