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Why Your College Needs a Social Marketing Agency

Posted by Haley Haas on Sep 3, 2014 9:24:00 AM

Samfod"Hell, what does a higher ed marketing agency even do? And why are they so obsessed with Dr. Seuss?!" That was my initial thought when I landed my internship with Verge Pipe Media in Auburn, Ala.  I had no idea really what I was supposed to do or even what Verge Pipe did on a day-to-day basis outside of social marketing. I suspect many of you may be as novice in campus marketing as I was. Who are college marketing agencies, why do we need them, and most importantly are they on your campus? 

Higher education marketing agencies are hired by colleges and universities to do all things branding. They create the ultimate platform to get their clients story out to the world in a unique, cutting-edge manner. They make it simple and easy for alumni to get the most up to date information on the happenings of their alma mater. The whole purpose of higher ed marketing agency jobs is to show the world why this college or university is the best to attend, work for, and donate money to.

They use social media, inventive digital marketing strategies, and much more to get the conversation started about your school. Another huge component of a higher education marketing agencies job is to get communication within a university to flow better, through a mixture of marketing techniques that appeal to both university officials and students.

After learning the basics of what marketing agencies specializing in higher education do, you are probably wondering, “why should my college invest in one?” The answer is pretty simple. 

Don’t you want your college to attract the highest caliber of prospective students to look at your college and hopefully end up attending? (Hint: the answer should be yes). Well that’s all in the job description of a higher ed marketing agency, that your college should be hiring. They will help to promote your college, and show off all its amazing academic achievements to ensure the smartest of the smart students are looking at your college. Investing in a higher education marketing agency will give your school a leg up on other colleges when prospective students are researching different colleges and universities to possibly attend.

Don’t you want your college to get donations from alumni to use toward academic (and sometimes athletic) needs? YES? Well, alumni relations is an extremely important part to raising money for your college, and higher ed marketing agencies are there to make it easier for this sometimes daunting task to get accomplished.

It is extremely important for your college to invest in a higher education marketing agency to make sure you are branding yourself in the best, most appealing way. If you have more questions, or you’re looking to do some research on a possible marketing firm to invest in, head on over to our website, and take a look around!

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