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Your Guide to Using Google+ with Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Posted by admin on Jul 30, 2014 9:09:00 AM

It can be tempting to look at social media as a popularity contest. After all, if you’re running a business, you want to reach the widest audience possible and have a huge impact on them. Sadly, the truth is that social media is a little bit more complicated than just focusing on the biggest crowd. Just because Facebook and Twitter get more views doesn’t mean that they’re attracting the kind of people who will be interested in reaching out to your company.

Choose Your Social Network Wisely

The first step to managing your social media presence is to figure out where your audience is. If you’re trying to promote a brand or business, this will mean finding the best networks for businesses and brand recognition. Although there are likely a few names that come to mind, one of the most important social networks for businesses is often forgotten or taken for granted.

Believe it or not, users of Google Plus are actually more likely to positively interact with brands than users of Facebook. Even though Facebook is obviously more popular than Google Plus, the fact is that people don’t tend to enjoy using that service to connect with brands. Instead, they prefer to use a social network that is specifically crafted to make connecting with businesses and brands a whole lot easier.

Increase Your Visibility While Improving Connectivity

There are many reasons that Google+ is so popular for reaching out to brands and connecting with businesses. Not only is their format excellent, but every Plus profile ranks on Google’s search engine, instantly increasing the chances that your business will be discovered. In addition, Google+ offers a variety of tools that you won’t find anywhere else, including Youtube integrated live video chats and collaborative document management through Google Drive.

Make the Right Choice for Your Business

As you can see, choosing the right social network for your needs isn’t about finding the most popular social media site, it’s about finding a social network that is perfect for businesses. If you want to learn more about what Google Plus can do for your company, this helpful guide will take you through account creation and show you how to become more active on the site. As an active member of the community, you’ll become a part of the influence loop and reap the rewards of a well connected brand. Don’t waste time on a website that won’t get you anywhere, focus your efforts where your audience is most likely to connect with you and success will surely follow.

Written and created by Megan Ritter.

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